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Naturally…Chillventa 2018

The crowded 2018 Chillventa show was a mirror image of what is happening in the HVAC/R market. The HVAC/R sector continues to grow in volume , influenced by the increase in average temperatures, the growing need for personal well-being and the optimisation of production processes and quality of the food chain.  The consequent rising interest among industrial funds towards the...
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Clean rooms: why is air quality essential?

The constant increase in the technological level of production processes (in particular in the electronics industry) and the increasingly stringent regulations on hygiene and quality (chemical and pharmaceutical industries) have led to the growing use of controlled-contamination environments . These are areas with specific air requirements in terms of “ contaminant presence ”, so as to...
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The mobile app revolution also involves the HVAC/R market

Today it seems perfectly normal to get out our smartphone and with a simple touch of an icon, check our email, check the weather forecast, find a good restaurant for dinner tonight and invite our friends in a chat group. Our daily tasks are constantly facilitated by what those simple coloured icons let us do. Yet the technology behind them is relatively young: indeed, most of us will...
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Humidification in clean rooms

The processes that take place inside a clean room are considerably influenced by the thermodynamics of the air . In the article “ Clean rooms: why is air quality essential? ”, we looked at how the air handling unit and its control system are crucial in guaranteeing a high quality process. Humidification plays a primary role in controlled-contamination environments , where the...
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Lotuses and Artefacts - Hangzhou, China, 23-24 August 2018

Hangzhou is a pleasant city with a population of around 9 million (2015), located in the Chinese Province of Zhejiang, approximately 1 hour by train south of Shanghai. It is located near the end of the Grand Canal , the oldest and longest man-made waterway in the world, built to connect Beijing with Ningbo, on the eastern coast, and support commerce to and from the capital;...
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Sailing into the future

What is the situation of the HVAC market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) , what opportunities are there and how can these be grasped effectively?  These and other topics were discussed in Riccione during the CAREL Sales Workshop HVAC EMEA from 4 to 8 June 2018. Against a general backdrop of economic growth in Europe, the HVAC market is very dynamic, standing out...
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Heat recovery ventilation and humidification: the new horizon in comfort

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems are today becoming more and more important in the commercial and residential ventilation sector. These systems involve very compact air handling units, equipped with heat recovery, which introduce a stream of fresh air from the outside into the air-conditioned environment, while at the same time discharging the exhaust air. The heat exchanger,...
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What's the recipe for building a good product?

What is a good product? Have you ever wondered what a good product is? When I buy a product that I can easily install and start using, I can start to believe that “it’s a good product”. Last year I bought a home theatre: it suited my living room in terms of its colours and shape, I easily connected the 5+1 speakers using the coloured connectors, I connected it to the TV using the cable...
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We will fog you!

You know that chill you feel on your face on a foggy day? Well, it’s caused by the heat released by your body to the small airborne droplets of moisture that touch your skin and evaporate. This is evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling exploits the natural evaporation of water to provide cooling. Water naturally evaporates into vapour as long as the air it is in contact...
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